An Academy Education


Education, Education, Education…. Well so much for that nonsense. Now here we go again. “Become and Academy and cut yourself free from the local eduction authority”. Hmmmm. So I assume everyone will take up this great offer and the local education authorities will wither and shrivel – wow think of the money to be saved. And as for these local academies then they’ll be so much better for our kids. Sounds great. Except…

It’s not all about Choice

As a parent I would much prefer my children to go to the local school and be assured of a good education. I would expect their teachers to teach, not “manage an academy”. It may be fine for larger schools that can employ business administrators but for smaller schools the head teacher and other staff end up negotiating contracts, managing budgets, and other tasks that not only are they not best placed to do but more importantly that take time away from what they are there to do – teach.

As for the central savings – well I’m no fan of the public sector waste but in all likelihood given that not all schools would opt for academy status, and indeed only “the best” can – surely the reality will be that not only will all the existing cost base remain but indeed a whole new set of costs will arise to a) help people set themselves up as an academy and b) monitor them to ensure they are still ticking all the requisite boxes. So why bother in the first place?

A simple solution?

As always I apologise for my blinkered and parochial countryside views, but surely the best thing to do would be to improve education standards across the board. Do this by properly managing teachers, holding them accountable without over-burdening them with bureaucracy and making local education authorities more efficient. Cut down on red tape, form filling and unnecessary bureaucracy. Let teachers teach and leave the rest to someone else…

Just a thought….


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