A quick note on David Laws

David Laws Shouldn’t Have Gone

A quick bank holiday blog on David Laws. Whilst in no way condoning his behaviour with regard to claiming for rent paid to his partner I am a little disappointed that so much has been made of this now. I am also surprised (ish) the Daily Telegraph decided to make such a big thing about this when they must have been in full possession of all these facts months ago. I can only assume that they are looking to put pressure on the government as a result of the current proposals which they (the telegraph) and many others (including me!) disagree with – like the CGT changes.

As for the underlying “question” of David Laws’ private life and sexuality I can again only express sorrow, disappointment and regret that even in 21st Century Britain this should even be worthy of comment or discussion.

Looking forward on a positive note the coalition should take a leaf out of New Labours book (just the one) and allow Mr Laws to make a comeback a la Blunkett, Byers and of course Lazarus himself – The Lord of the Dance Mandleson. The only difference between David and the others is that he deserves a second chance…

Just a thought….


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