Public Sector Pay


170 Civil Servants earn more than the Prime Minister

Well the only surprise there is it’s only 170 – and of course this excludes local council execs, and “outsourced” public sector departments, and special advisors and consultants so we can safely assume the number is far higher. As I said on my recent post on public sector pensions, the original idea that those doing their civil duty on the civil service relying for reward on satisfaction, sense of duty and a solid (gold plated) pension are long gone. Now they get all of the above plus a whopping salary. Let’s also not forget that this is only those people getting more than Dave, who is not exactly paid peanuts. When you look across the board at all public sector pay packets, and consider that over 20% of the working population is employed in the public sector then you begin to feel very sorry for those people who earn so little that they drag the national average wage down to its pitifully low level…

What I do enjoy about these sort of lists are the comedy job descriptions and department names that have no doubt cost a fortune in consultancy fees to dream up in the first place. “Buying Solutions” conjures up great images of a whole department focused on the most efficient way of purchasing a paperclip. The “Asset Protection Agency” must be a very important department as it has no less than 5 high earning execs which grand titles like “Chief Risk Officer” and “Chief Investment Officer”. Given the parlous state of public finances I would think that this department should be one of the first in the firing line for a job badly done…

Living in the Lake District as I do I think the one that got me most was the fact that the finance director of ordnance Survey is paid over £220k. Blimey – I always thought those 1:25000 maps were a bit pricey and now I know why…

The other one that stood out for particular attention was in the MoD list – the “Saudi Arabia Project Team” person rocking in at a cool £175k plus. Weren’t we recently censuring some of our defence contractors for bungs to the Saudis….

Other than the comedy value that these sort of things provide the serious issue here is the complete divorce from reality that has taken place between the public sector and the private sector. Just look at the ludicrous sums paid to execs and celebs at the BBC. All of these people need to realise one simple fact – they are paid from our pockets. They have no right, let alone need, to get paid these vast sums. Plenty of other far more talented people with a degree of civic duty would do their jobs (if indeed the job needs doing) in a heartbeat.

Anyway the solution further to my pensions note is to a) review their role and see whether it really needs to be done at all b) instantly cut their salary by 25% and c) cut it again by the value of their “free” pension. If they don’t like it they can always get a job in the private sector. As for people who bleat on about the fact that these “talents” are needed then if they are a proven success story in the private sector then they should have enough money in the bank to afford a “lower” wage for a few years and if they don’t then perhaps they should try their hand in the private sector and see how long they last in the real world…..

Just a thought..


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