Consensus Cuts

Consensus Cuts

Coalition Cuts – We’re all in this together

So in an attempt to make us all feel better about the much needed public sector (note sector not service!) cuts we are all going to be engaged in a big consultation to decide what to cut and what to save. this apparently follows a successful model employed by the Canadians. Fantastic idea.

Or maybe not. It strikes me that we elect our politicians and pay for our mass of civil servants because part of their job is to take the tough decisions. By all means let us know what those decisions are and canvas our opinion once they have been formed, but please don’t start with the proverbial blank sheet of paper and ask us all to fill in the details.

By definition this sort of thing is open to abuse. The winners will be those vested interests who are able to mobilise enough of the online population to successfully lobby that their department or service should be saved. Expect all manner of online petitions and email campaigns to save various unneccessary and bloated groups and functions. No doubt the parliamentary lobby groups and PR firms are rubbing their hands with glee at the social networking and consultancy opportunities for running these multifarious campaigns.

So what’s the answer?

Well the point is we all have an opinion on it based on the information we have been given and our own pet hates and annoyances. For me it’s about ending final salary pensions for public sector workers, or cutting their salaries accordingly. Get rid of all quangos and remove any public sector employee earning more than £150k (and any earning more than £75k that don’t actually do anything). Review all government spending and cut the utterly ludicrous (billions in overseas development aid to India springs to mind as an early “quick win”) and encourage growth by making it easier to set up and run a business in this country (not harder – see capital gains and losses). And all of that is just for starters.

But again the point here is simply that whilst I of course think my views are right, I’m not the one being paid to make the decisions. Of course if you want to pay me £250k a year to run an across the board spending review then just let me know. In the meantime please do the job you’re paid for, let us know, in detail, what you are proposing to do, and then let us take a view on that.

If you are so devoid of ideas that you need help from the start then I suggest you resign and let someone else take on the job..

Just a thought….


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