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I had thought that this one would have subsided by now – and certainly that the “bleeding” would have been staunched both in terms of the oil and the vitriol which is accompanying the whole story. Sadly not on both counts.

Firstly let me state that this is a very real and devastating disaster, firstly for the families of those who lost their lives in the original explosion, and secondly of course for all those now caught up in the damage caused by the ensuing oil spill. It is important not to lose sight of this.

However I, along with many other people, have been shocked and saddened by the continual and increasingly irrational rhetoric which seems to be gushing from the White House. We all agree that everything that can be done to stem the flow must be done. We all agree that the clean up will be a massive operation and those culpable for the original spill must take responsibility for this too. This is unequivocal common sense and logic and has been agreed by all concerned.

So why the continued daily ramping up of the volume of noise coming from Washington. “Don’t pay a dividend”, “compensate for loss of earnings of other oil workers”, “tell us the truth about where Elvis is currently living”. OK maybe Mr Hayward can’t be answerable for the last one but you get the point.

The fact is BP have a legal and moral obligation to sort this mess out, and it looks like they are taking this very seriously. To continue to rain abuse on them is unlikely to solve the problem any sooner and indeed will inevitably lead at some point to some defensive responses which may well distract still further from the real priorities of capping the leak and cleaning up the mess. What do we hear from Transocean or Halliburton on all of this. Where are their chief executives on the global news with their mea culpas and self-flagellations? Oh of course, they’re “American” companies aren’t they. Silly me.

Not that BP can be considered particularly “British” anyway. It is simply another global corporation who size and scope defies any national boundaries. Welcome to the world of global capitalism.

So what next? Well how about all the interested parties sit down and work together on a solution to the 2 problems – how to cap the leak and how to clean up the mess. If we can draw at football in the World Cup then anything is possible….

Just a thought….


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2 Responses to BP Barack Bashing

  1. djpnz says:

    Hi, my first time here – it’s a great blog and as an ex-pat designed to make one homesick. Your dog is a cutie. I too have two black labs, both in their 10s though and getting decidedly slower.

    Am not sure if you’ve seen our blog http://www.bpbarackspatsy.wordpress.com – not too dissimilar to your sentiments…

    Kind regards,


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