England World Cup


There we went again…

Well another world cup comes and goes, and England once again promise plenty and deliver little. At least this time the nature of the defeat to Germany was so complete and unambiguous that there can be no doubts over our “ability”. We have none. Utterly incapable of delivering on the pitch, in the big games, as a team, in any shape of form whatsoever. The first three games were bad enough, so much so that we ended up “celebrating” a 1-0 victory against the smallest country in the tournament as if we had actually done something well.

Yes Frank’s goal was a goal, and yes it could have changed the nature of the game if it had been allowed. But stuff happens, and the reason the majority of the England players are paid £75k-£100k plus a week is that they are supposedly professionals who can deal with pressure and pick themselves up and get on and win the game. Or maybe not.


So what went wrong. Was it Fabio’s rigid 4-4-2 formation, limiting Wayne and Stevie from playing their natural game? Was it Fabio’s lack of options when it came to strikers? Or was it the simple fact that the entire squad (with a few notable exceptions Frank, Ashley and Glen) is made up of over paid, over egoed underperforming numpties who seem to take no pride in playing for their country whatsoever and whose heads and performance drops the minute they don an England shirt?

Well I know which one I’d go for. Time for the lot of them to be brought down a peg and pay packet or to. Try them out of the national minimum wage and give them back some hunger for the sport and passion and pride in playing for their country.

As for Fabio. Do the decent thing. Walk away. Empty handed. You know it makes sense. As for the Germans – good luck to them I say. A young team who showed true spirit, passion and pride. Good luck against Argentina!

Just a thought.


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