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Money Money MoneyHouse of Lords Expenses Reform

So the esteemed members of the House of Lords are going to have their daily expenses caped at “just” £300 a day. Excellent. Apparently before they could claim far more than this and were equally culpable in the expenses scandal as their neighbours in the House of Commons. So a good thing all round?

Er maybe not. Once again I think the “powers” that be are displaying their usual knack for being wholly out of touch with the reality of life for the rest of the population. Remember them, the people whose hard-earned taxes are used to pay these and all other Government expenses?

So let’s look at £300 a day. Not much is it. You could barely afford to stay in a top London hotel, dine out, and be ferried around the capital in black cabs, never mind pay for the first class train fare back to the country estate the next day. OK, well back on planet earth, we have a national minimum wage in place. This currently stands at £5.80 an hour. That’s £232 for a 40 hour week, £928 in a month.

So your choice is do you a) work hard all month in a low paid and probably fairly unrewarding job or b) spend 3 days doing something utterly pointless where you just have to turn up (if that) to claim the same £900. None too tricky to decide on that one is it.

The House of Lords – Time to Say Adios

So what’s the answer? Well obviously you could just say to the members of the House of Lords “Look, you’re supposedly a highly successful member of society who has a unique and useful experiences and probably a fair amount of cash in the bank, so how about you just pay your own expenses?”. Or you could say “Look, frankly you’re a sycophantic nobody who has been rewarded for years of unremarkable service to one of the 3 political parties and so it’s time the gravy train dried up. We’re abolishing the House of Lords. Goodbye.”

I’m for Plan B. I see no benefit in continuing with the House of Lords in its current form, and the idea of turning it into another elected chamber seems utter nonsense. If the House of Commons is unable to do its job then what on earth makes people think a replica red leather is going to be any different. All it will mean is yet more expense. So forget it. Turn the whole place into a museum, debating chamber, art gallery or overnight drop in centre for the homeless. In fact that last idea would not be that different to the role it currently performs except of course the new beneficiaries would be a lot more grateful than the current residents..

Anyway time to abolish the Lords. Come on Dave and Nick. Do the decent thing. And let’s hear no more talk of “measly” £300 a day expense limits. Get with the real world please..

Just a thought…


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