Just William

See no EvilA quick word on William Hague

I’m afraid I can’t let the current debacle with William Hague and Christopher Myers go by without throwing in my ten pennies worth. As with most commentators I can safely say I don’t care at all about William Hague’s sexuality, or the state of his marriage or otherwise. As a human being I wish him well and offer condolences to him and his wife, but in terms of his ability to be our Foreign Secretary it matter not one jot.

Does it matter?

What does matter is the fact that our Foreign Secretary has been so mind numbingly stupid in the first place. What exactly did he expect when he decided to share a room, on the election campaign trail, with a 25 year old single man who was employed as his driver and campaign aide. It’s hardly normal behaviour for anyone, let alone one of the top Conservative politicians, even a down to earth no-nonsense Yorkshireman who used to down 12 pints a day.

What Next?

All I can say is that I hope for the sake of Mr Hague, his wife, the Government, and all of us in general that it doesn’t transpire at a later date that our William was being economical with the truth. Once, just once it would be nice for a politician to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and for the whole story to have been whipped up by a truly monumental moment of stupidity. Which to be honest is probably enough in itself for him to consider his position. Can you imagine him going on a meeting of other leaders from around the world and sharing a hotel room with his driver. Can you imagine what would happen if Hilary Clinton did that…

JustĀ  a thought…


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