UK Extradition Inequality


UK Extradition Policy Review

I had 5 hours in the car yesterday on a trip to Scotland so ended up listening to the Today programme in the morning and the news on the way back. The one story that stood out above all others (after the comical juxtaposition of a cut in research funding and the University of Northumbria’s “men dancing” study) was the review of the current UK Extradition treaties with the US and Europe.

A quick recap. For the US the deal seems to be basically if the US wants to extradite someone from the UK then they can. No evidence needed. Just apply and we’ll roll over for you. Of course if we want to extradite someone from the US we need to provide prima facie evidence for review by the US courts.

The European situation doesn’t seem much better as the recent case of the unfortunate young man holed up in Greece has highlighted.

So all very straightforward you might think. We have a ludicrously one sided system and we simply need to make sure that the same rules apply each way. Easy.

The Government has announced it is commissioning a review of the existing set up with a view to reforming it. Excellent. Should be done by the end of the week I hear you say. So when is this review due for completion?

The summer of 2011. unbelievable. Of course I realise they have an awful lot of public money they need to spend. They’ll have to get themselves offices, appoint an oversized team of advisors and office staff, pay some consultants to design them a logo, spend thousands on travel and expenses to go to each individual country around the world to meet and discuss the policy and existing treaties, etc etc blah blah.

Or they could just agree now that no one gets extradited from the UK until a UK court has reviewed the evidence and agreed that it justifies extradition. End of.

So can someone just send me that large cheque now please…..

Ho ho..


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