Keep the Cumbria Roman Helmet in Cumbria

Crosby Garrett Helmet

Help Support the Appeal to keep the Crosby Garrett Helmet in Cumbria

A quick blog urging everyone to support the current appeal by Tullie House museum in Carlisle Cumbria to save the Crosby Garrett Helmet for Cumbria and stop it leaving the country when it is auctioned at Christies next month.

For anyone who has missed this particular story, the helmet was discovered by a metal detector enthusiast near Crosby Garrett in Cumbria. This rare Roman bronze cavalry helmet, complete with face-mask is thought to have been used for ceremonial purposes. The lucky treasure hunter wishes to remain anonymous, and because of the fact that the mask is made of bronze not gold, it is not considered treasure trove, and so can be auctioned on the open market with the proceeds to be split between the finder and the farmer on whose field it was found (and Christies of course!)

Tullie House is launching an appeal to raise the estimated £300k needed to purchase the helmet when it comes up for auction. There is likely to be considerable interest from both museums and private collectors and it would be a real shame if the helmet disappeared out of the county, never mind the country, never to be seen again other than by a private collector and their friends!

Cumbria along with many parts of the country has a proud and rich history from Roman Times, and there are many excellent museums and exhibitions around the country celebrating this, including of course Tullie House and also others, such as the superb Roman Museum at Senhouse, near Maryport.

Which ever way you look at it history remains an important part of our culture, and should remain a core part of our children’s education. What better way to bring the history of their county to life for the children in Cumbria than to have this helmet on permanent display here?

Sadly I do not have the means to be able to stump up all the cash myself, and no doubt none will be forthcoming from the department of culture (or whatever it’s called now) who will be too busy channelling millions into other deeply unworthy causes. So anyone reading this please dig deep and donate!!

Click here to help Save the Crosby Garrett Helmet! The appeal is still some way short of it’s £300k target to put it mildly!

UPDATE 8th October 2010 – the helmet sold at auction for £2 million. There is still hope that it may stay in the UK. See this link.


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