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What now for David?

So the votes are in, and the decision has been made. As I predicted some 7 weeks ago when I blogged about the Labour Leadership Contest, Ed Milibland (sic) has secured victory. I don’t pretend to understand the arcane nature of the leadership voting process, but even I would have been disappointed if I had lost out to a) my brother and b) lost on the basis of block votes from the unions despite having carried the majority of labour party members and MPs.

Leaving aside the question of whether they made the right choice (and I share the view of others that Ed will never be Prime Minister), the question for today is what next for David? Does he buckle down and server his bro and the party in whatever capacity they see fit, or does he swan off into the sunset to pick up a lucrative “international” role, perhaps as part of Tony Blair Inc?

Do the right thing David

For what it’s worth my humble view would be that he should go for option a – buckle down for the good of the party and the country. Whatever else he may be he has much to contribute to an effective opposition to the current coalition, and who knows maybe even as a future leader of the party and the country. Walking out now will be seen as a fit of pique, and one that will not endear him to the general population never mind those in his party. If Labour is ever to effectively “move forward” away from the dark Brown years and the Blair New Labour Dawn then it will need all its best operators pulling together cohesively. David is one of the best and most experienced members and so he should play a key role in this.

Maybe he should also work on changing the leadership voting rules to lessen the impact of the trade union vote and then if Ed falls he’ll be a shoo in!

Just a thought….


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