Shut up Mr Thompson


“Viewers aren’t bothered about big salaries”

So says Mark Thompson, director-general (and odd title if ever there was one) of the BBC. “When you look at the concerns that the public raise about the BBC, when they’re given a list, these don’t rate high”. Well as a member of the public I don’t recall being given a list to review, but then I live in the Lake District not north London. Anyway..

The Facts

Total pay for the BBC Executive Board in the last year £4.8 million (up from £4.6 million). Total BBC wage bill just over £1 billion (up £9 million). Total number of employees earning over £100k – 313. Pay of the “stars” – undisclosed. That’s a lot of big numbers, none of which cast the BBC is a good light.

In Mitigation

Mr Thompson claims that the BBC is acting on pay anyway by stopping bonuses and freezing pay. Well done Mr Thompson. As with the nonsense the other day from Mr Bean from the Bank of England, here we have yet another over paid under utilised public servant who talks utter gibberish from inside his gold plated pension feathered gravy train (sorry for such a muddle of metaphors).

The Reality

The point is not that you need to freeze pay or stop bonuses Mr Thompson. The point is simply that you, your executive board (whomever they might be), and most of your “talent” are simply paid way way too much money in the first place. You don’t need and certainly don’t deserve a salary of over £800k to preside over a public institution funded pretty much entirely by the us the taxpayer. You don’t need to pay Jonathan Ross £6 million a year (I know he’s left but you get the point). And you certainly don’t need to pay over 300 “executives” more than £100k, plus no doubt huge expense allowances, and of course the obligatory golden public sector pensions.

The Way Forward

So Mr Thompson, take it from me as an occasional  BBC Viewer, an unavoidable BBC Licence Payer, and a UK Taxpayer that I care very much about how much you, your team and your “talent” are paid. You are all without exception overpaid and with a few notable exceptions under-endowed with talent and ability. So if you really want to show you are committed to the public then don’t just stop taking your bonus, try taking a pay cut. How about a few years on the minimum wage for you and your colleagues – I’m sure you could even make a documentary about it. I can see it now “Execs on the Breadline” – coming soon to a screen near you ..

Just a thought….


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