Save Loos in the Lake District


Stop Cumbria Council Closing Public Loos in the Lakes

Ahead of the government spending review this week Cumbria County Council has been looking at ways of cutting its own costs and saving the pennies. Unfortunately it seems one of the areas it is looking to cut is that of council maintained public conveniences around the county. So next time you’re spending a penny don’t forget the council wants you to help them stop spending them too…

Tourist Information Centres Also Fax the Chop

As well as flushing Lake District Loos away there is a plan to close various Tourist information Centres in the National Park.


On both counts this seems a bad idea. The Lake District survives and thrives on its visitors. By definition most of them drive a long way to get to the Lakes. Unsurprisingly most of the public conveniences under threat are in public car parks. There is a good reason for this. Long drive, arrive, need the loo. Not a difficult one to work out. Long drive, arrive, “loo closed due to Council Cutbacks”. Bad feeling created, unlikely to return, and in the short term likely to either head behind the nearest tree or into the nearest pub (where you can expect a mass of “pub loos for paying customers only” signs.

Likewise many of the TICs in the area are located in car parks and provide a valuable source on local information and knowledge (although these days sadly most of this can be gained ahead of time or even in realtime online).

An Alternative

There is already much muttering about the level of car parking charges in the lakes. Why not use some of this revenue to pay for the cost of upkeep of the local loos. Surely there must be a mass of other areas inside the council ripe for a few cuts (think of all those really important jobs with no real purpose created over the last 10 years…)

Please don’t let them steal the Lake District’s Loos!

Check out for another way of raising money where is matters and stopping this sort of nonsensical cost saving.


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