Ski Rep Rant

Top of Pleney Lift in Morzine

A Quick Rant about Ski Reps

Have just returned from a great skiing holiday in Morzine in France. Superb resort, snow conditions good (until it rained!), and fantastic hotel half way up the slopes (The Hotel Viking). So all good except for the reps from our tour company.

Being somewhat long in the tooth I remember skiing holidays from twenty plus years ago where the chalet staff and ski reps were youngsters on a gap year with more interest in their own skiing and social life than the interests of their clients. At the time this didn’t matter so much and seemed quite quaint. Now I’m a grumpy old man on family skiing holidays my expectations and requirements are somewhat higher.

How it all began

Having waited 20 minutes in the coach at Geneva for some non-existent members of our group (they had cancelled a week before so were unlikely to arrive any time soon as we pointed out to our rep) we had done our duty and purchased passes and lessons on the coach to “save time” at our resort. Our suspicions should have been aroused by the fact our rep didn’t actually know much about our resort as he was from another one.

Anyway having spent the afternoon in the resort safe in the knowledge our passes would appear at 08:00 the next morning as agreed, and with that smugness that comes with knowing we wouldn’t be languishing in the queue for passes we partied the night away.

The next morning we awoke to bright sunshine, perfect skiing conditions, but no rep. An hour later a slightly bleary eyed person arrived with a beaney pulled firmly over their head and deposited itself on the first available seat in the hotel reception. Surely this could not be our rep? Er Yes. So did she have our passes? Er No. Why not? Well we had been quoted the wrong price on the coach and so needed to pay more money now for the passes. Not great but OK, here’s the money. So where’s the pass. Well she has to call her manager in town, he’ll buy them and bring them up to the hotel. When. Soon. Hmmmm. In the meantime we have 30 minutes to ferry our kids to ski school, including a ride down in a cable car – with no lift pass. Any suggestions? No. Could you escort us? No. Do you actually have any useful function to perform as a human being let alone as a holiday rep. Not really.

Apologies for the rant but it helps me if no-one else to let loose. Suffice to say we sorted it out ourselves in the end. As you might expect they managed to cock up the return leg as well and we ended up being delivered late back to Geneva airport and only just managed to make it onto our flight.

Still awaiting a response from the tour company on how this all came to pass. I assume part of their staff training is “never say sorry for anything otherwise you might admit liability”. Sad. Still you live and learn. Never ever use that company again….

On a more positive note I can thoroughly recommend Morzine and our hotel. Fantastic!


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3 Responses to Ski Rep Rant

  1. maxdeemo says:

    I also love Morzine for skiing and had some wonderful holidays there but I am sorry, I was giggling at your description of your plight and it made me wonder if you had found the Ryanair of Ski companies there? I hope you have a better experience next time!

    • Hi. I suspect you’re right. Crystal should maybe team up with Ryanair to give the ultimate end to end holiday nightmare! Anyway thanks for the comments and I’m sure our next trip will be a rip roaring success despite the worst efforts of others!

  2. Hey, great article here mate! Although, having been a ski rep myself, I must say there is a whole other side to the story from a ski rep’s point of view. Have a look at my blog diary of my season working in the alps at Frasers World if you fancy finding out how it REALLY is. Keep up the good writings!

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