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Join the Fish Fight Campaign Now

For those of you who missed Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s programmes on Channel 4 this week I urge you to join the “Fish Fight” campaign right now. In summary Hugh is campaigning for a change to the current nonsensical EU Fishing Policy which sees half of all fish caught in the North Sea thrown back dead into the sea (so called “discard”). This is due to the absurd quota systems in operation which mean that our fishermen must only land their alloted quotas of each type of fish, and any excess must be thrown away.

The sensible and sustainable option seems to be simply to remove the quotas and instead go for a limit on the time at seas allowed. Discard as a concept should also be outlawed. However as always all is not as simple as it should be, especially where the EU is concerned, so right now the main thing is to simply get your voice heard and register your interest, which you can do at Hugh’s website

In addition to changing the Common Fisheries Policy the campaign also aims to change the eating habits of the nation away from the staples of cod, haddock and salmon to a more diverse set of sustainable fish. Having watched the way Salmon are “farmed” I can safely say I for one won’t be rushing to buy one next time I’m out shopping.

Anyway no more to be said here – check out the website and get involved in whatever way you can!


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