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Children Should Take Exams on a Computer

 Education Regulator Recommends all Exam should be taken on a Computer Isabel Nisbet, the chief executive of Ofqual (catchy title, a no doubt with a handsome pay packet and pension to boot), has announced that in this modern techno … Continue reading

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Teaching Assistants in Cumbria

Single Status for Cumbria Teaching Assistants One of few the laudable legacies from the last government was the objective of ensuring equal pay across equivalent jobs and genders. This was enshrined in the “Single Status” legislation. As ever the devil … Continue reading

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Windermere Man Chases Youths with Axe

Windermere Man Chases Wife Covered in Tomato Ketchup with Axe To Scare Local Youths A random story from the Lake District if ever there were one. Basically a young couple had had enough of youths parking up in a lay by near their … Continue reading

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The Haves and the Have Lots

The Haves and the Have Lots Plenty of things to keep me otherwise occupied over the last few weeks but a few stories this week have dragged me back to the online soapbox. The first was a little piece earlier in … Continue reading

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