Windermere Man Chases Youths with Axe

justice in cumbria

Windermere Man Chases Wife Covered in Tomato Ketchup with Axe To Scare Local Youths

A random story from the Lake District if ever there were one. Basically a young couple had had enough of youths parking up in a lay by near their house and making a nuisance of themselves. Numerous complaints to the police have as usual resulted in nothing happening. So one night when they decided to get their own back. Woman douses her self in ketchup, man grabs axe and chases her along the lay by. Woman bangs on car window, youths won’t let her in. Woman runs into the night. Man with axe bangs on car window. Youths won’t let him in either and then decide it’s time to move on. As they drive off man and woman laugh and wave them goodbye.

So job done one might have thought. No harm done, and all being well the youths won’t be venturing back there for a while. End of story. Er no. Not in 2011 Britain. Now the man is in court charged with “possessing an axe in a public place” and “using behaviour likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress”. You couldn’t make it up, I swear….

Right or Wrong?

Well of course we shouldn’t be encouraging people to take the law into their own hands and if you don’t crack down on people running around with axes where does it stop? Conversely the police had managed to do precisely nothing about the continual anti-social behaviour of the youths, and as far as one knows no harm had been done to them at all – and if the 19 year olds of today can basically do what they like where and then claim anyone trying to stop them is causing them “alarm or distress” then it’s time to once again look at whose side the law is actually on!

The Solution

By all accounts the process so far has caused undue stress to the couple involved, who have had to cancel wedding plans due to their various court appearances. By all means caution them for running around in public with an axe, but to even consider a custodial sentence is an outrage. Meanwhile what is being done about the “problem youths” who created the situation in the first place, and the police who failed to act on the various requests for help. Why absolutely nothing of course. So here’s the answer. Caution the man, sack the police for not doing their job, and put the youths on a community project to help give them something to do instead of loitering with menace and intent, and of course they should also be punished for failing to help the woman in the first place……

Just a thought…

More on this in The Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph.


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