Children Should Take Exams on a Computer

Traditional Education

Education Regulator Recommends all Exam should be taken on a Computer

Isabel Nisbet, the chief executive of Ofqual (catchy title, a no doubt with a handsome pay packet and pension to boot), has announced that in this modern techno era all children should take their exams on a computer.

Hurray for Technology?

Surely this is a good thing. In the 21st Century with the kids spending so much time online then this is a sign of how advanced we have become and will help propel our children to the forefront of their global generation?

Er no – probably not

As one would hope and expect teachers unions and many others are aghast at the prospect, given the inevitable opportunity for cheating, plagiarism and all the other likely outcomes. In addition of course the general poor quality of literacy which we seem unable to overcome is hardly likely to be enhanced by auto spell checks and corrections. Likewise whilst using the internet for reasearch is obviously a great tool, the resulting tendency to just take the answer as whatever google decides to shove up as it’s number 1 results hardly helps develop an analytical and questioning mind…

What else?

More importantly for me is the simple fact that technology is moving at such a pace that by the time the government has agreed this is a great idea, equipped (at a cost of billions no doubt) every school with locked down pcs and laptops then a) most the of them will already be out of date compared to what most of the “techno savvy” generation are using at home and b) there will be all sorts of ways around the lock down to wirelessly transmit “helping hands” to assist the really technically savvy to basically cheat.

So to avoid the mistake of a “beta max moment”, or  even worse asking kids used to using handheld and games consoles to do their exams on the equivalent of an Amstrad word processor (remember how funky they were at the time??) or a typewriter, why not just stick to what works best.

There really is no substitution for a blank sheet of paper and a pen or pencil…

Just a thought…


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