Liam Fox Should Go

why not

Why is Liam Fox still our Defence Secretary?

Having blogged a few months ago in defence of David Laws I find myself (inconsistenly perhaps) utterly outraged that Liam Fox is still in post and not sitting at home regretting his actions. Perhaps I’m putting it more into the same bracket as Our William who of course survived the scandal of doubling up in hotel rooms with a different “young man”.

My skewed take on the story is  as follows. Liam Fox makes friends with a student some years ago. They share a flat. Dr Fox becomes shadow health secretary, his mate becomes a “consultant” on health matters. Dr Fox becomes defence secretary, his mate becomes a “consultant” on defence matters, passing himself off as a special advisor to Dr Fox himself. Dr Fox and his mate (also his best man – as if that makes it any different) attend numerous defence related meetings together abroad (over 18 I think) as well as meeting in the MOD at least once a fortnight.

And there’s nothing wrong with this.

And we’re told his mate wasn’t on the take and didn’t make a “living” out of it.

Utter nonsense.

Naive at best and downright corrupt at worse. Either way Our Dave should stop worrying about having Foxy on the back benches, grow a pair and get rid of him NOW. I don’t care how good he’s been in his job (in fact I don’t think he has been that good in his job). Anyone making such a gross error of judgement should not be a cabinet minister, probabaly shouldn’t be an MP, and certainly shouldn’t be our Defence Secretary.

Just as an aside try doing a google or other search for “dr fox”. Just about sums it up….

End of rant…..


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