Lake District Dog Walking is Good for You

Morgan above Ullswater

Morgan unwittingly helps me out (and enjoys some fine views)

Walking a dog in the Lake District can save your life!

So it’s official. According to a new report from the Copenhagen City Heart Study, walking every day at a brisk pace for half an hour halves the risk of having a heart attack or a stroke. Fantastic news. So my Lake District/Morgan twist is simply to say that by definition walking a slightly mad Labrador who is full of energy in the wonderful English Lake District, which is full of hills and therefore by necessity is brisk and strenuous, is very definitely good for you. And you get some great views as well!

Ullswater October 2012

Ullswater October 2012

So for all those out there looking for a healthy lifestyle, the answer is simple. Trash the gym membership, get a dog, and get yourself up the nearest hill. If you’re lucky enough to be anywhere near the Lake District, get yourself over to Ullswater, and you might even meet Morgan on his daily perambulations!


Morgan – who could resist?

If you are heading for the Lake District with your hound, we recommend High Beckside Pet Friendly Family Holiday Cottage in the Lake District and these other pet friendly Lake District Cottages. Enjoy!


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